Fine-tuning silicone surfaces!

Fluorination eliminates friction, soiling and stickiness.

Learn more about how to enhance your silicone components:

  • Improved assembly
  • Less creaking noise
  • Less sticky touch-and-feel
  • Smoother sliding
  • Easy separation of parts
  • Reduced soiling
  • Valves open even after extended periods in closed position

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For non-chemical, highly absorbing sanitary products

Hydrophilic and well-wettable non-woven and woven fabrics are used e.g. for diapers and sanitary towels or bandaging and wound-dressing material. Fluorination is also applied in the wide field of non-woven fabrics used as storage layers used to accumulate battery acid and alkaline solutions. To this end, chemical wetting agents often cause tolerability issues and unwanted chemical effects. Applying fluorination to web material, filter media, fabrics, foams, technical textiles, non-woven fabrics and films completely eliminates the need for chemical wetting agents. The material and its fibres are not subjected to temperature peaks, and the treatment is applied uniformly to all fibres without any shadowing. Fluorination thereby ensures a high and consistent level of wettability.

FTS offers fluorination of web materials up to 2.10 m wide as job order production and manufactures plants for web material fluorination to customer requirements.
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